Saturday, May 24, 2008

WEEK NINE- Sustainability in flexible learning

I think I see sustainability in flexible learning quite clearly. Because of how I see flexible learning benefiting Otago Polytechnic.
In my opinion our organisation is looking at flexible learning as a way to increase enrolments by making them more affordable for students, more cost effective for the organisation & to meet government incentives to educate or up skill the adult population.
Using the triple bottom line sustainability model, I believe we can accurately design our programs accordingly.
PEOPLE- Making it fair and equitable, attainable & inclusive to people of all races regardless of location. Creating a skilled work benefits the country and raises the standard of living.
PLANET-Minimising the impact of what we offer and how we offer it, the electronic age has enabled us to send & receive copious amounts of info with very little paper trail, expending less non renewable resources eg paper, fuel etc.
PROFIT-With less student contact & more electronic delivery ,marking & support tutors could run multiple courses simultaneously thus helping to reduce labour costs on a per course basis.
Courses made more affordable could increase enrolments & encourage students to take up further courses offered by the institutions.

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