Sunday, May 11, 2008

WEEK Eight - What does the modern internet have to offer flexible learning ?

I have mixed views on the modern Internet, in some ways I believe the opportunities created by the online era open up education possibilities for many people unable to find time or resources to study in the classroom or workplace environments.
However I also believe if too much emphasis is placed on e-learning there will be a greater demand for it , to the detriment of the student.
In lean economic times such as we are experiencing, people wish to further their education and up skill perhaps for higher wages or for better positions. Seldom do they want to leave work or take a sabbatical, but to squeeze in a course here and there and gradual chip away at it whilst still working.
To be perfectly honest ,I'm doing that exact thing right now & have to admit that I'm getting less out of this than if I was attending the program full time.
In The European journal of open, Distance & e-learning article on social software I related to the "Towards a student -centred approach to e- learning"
Where instead of integrating into a program, tools are accessible to students to enhance their learning and to facilitate networks between students. This I see as 1 tool in a toolbox of many possible teaching aids.
I agree with Mr Weinburger, re " cockroaches & no centralized gatekeepers " there is to much as he put it "More slander, porn, honour & love, more experts and more professionals"
In my words there is alot of crap to sort through to get to some of the brillant resources available to students, and that can be a big waste of time and a cause of big distractions.

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Leigh Blackall said...

And so, as Weinberger describes it, we need 'experts' like you, me and anyone else with experience in their fields, acting as information filters for the people under us as 'students'. But how can they find us, their filter, if we ourselves are not online to be found?

Have you seen "What is Podcasting, by Ask Ninja"? You'll find him on Youtube. Its cryptic, but don't dismiss it, it does actually capture a possible solution of teacher as crap filter - even if at first it in itself might appear like crap!

I would sooner rely on my newsreader, filled with filters and experts in the topics I am interested in, than rely on my own abilities to search and find the info myself.