Friday, June 6, 2008

Week Twelve -Flexible learning in educational organisations

Flexible learning statements in Otago polytechnics strategic plan.

  • our purpose is promoting, facilitating & engaging for learning for & with our widespread & diverse stakeholders whether they be local, regional or national, on our campuses, at a distance or in homes or workplaces.
  • To be recognised for the flexibility of our delivery & our willingness to accommodate the specific learning aspirations of students through individualised & cross disciplinary programmes of learning.
  • To be recognised for accessibility for all learners.
  • To provide relevant, flexible & accessible learning opportunities which build capability, are stimulating & challenging & foster life long learning.
  • To provide equal opportunities to participate & succeed in relevant learning for all people whatever their age, ethnicity or abilities & with regard for their needs.
  • Our commitment to educational equity realised through our stair casing philosophy, flexible delivery & commitment to provide an inclusive learning environment that supports the success of all learners, but especially Maori, Pasifika people & people with disabilities

Reading these statements shows that Otago polytechnic has an "Everyones welcome" approach to providing education. Just how I'm going to relate these philosophies to my flexible delivery plan is the key. I guess reading backwards on this blog & incorporating what we have discussed thus far & insuring that we satisfy the equity, access, cultural, distance & delivery methods .

Stay tuned

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