Sunday, March 30, 2008

Week two- Is flexible learning a new concept or just a fancy new word for an old way of doing?

After reading 'Flexible learning: its not just about distance' (Colliss & Moonen 2001) I must say I agree that flexible learning is not a new phenomenon. I believe that flexible learning is ever changing and has done so through the ages utilising the technology of the day to enhance the learning experience.
Due to the advancement of the computer age and the Internet ,flexible learning has never had so many tools available.We are currently embracing the Internet, blog pages & praising its many uses as we once did with the Radio, Television, Video, CD and DVD. I wont even mention the PowerPoint phenomenon.But we still have the same problem with how to achieve the correct balance on how flexible learning is delivered. In many cases such as my Level 3 cookery program , flexibility will be limited to perhaps theory course work. It is essential to develop hands on practical skills with real life scenarios, time pressures etc with direct tutor contact at hand. However with my current program ,Ive included 2 guest chef demonstrations, a butchery demonstration & 3 research/design/cook practical sessions to add variety to the many kitchen practicals as well as in class competitions so indeed there is some scope for flexibility.

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Bronwyn hegarty said...

Chef@polycrom I am getting oh so tempted by all your glorious pics of food. It is very unfair to have two of you doing this. :(

This is a great second post and you are spot on about flexible learning. It is nothing new, and flexibility, as you say is very dependent on the topic, the situation and the students. It sounds like you are doing some very creative things i your practical classes.

Were there any other areas in the Collis article which you thought related to your courses?